Women have long been active in the struggle for human rights in the Resistance during World War II; in rebellion against authoritarian governments; and in seeking environmental justice and cultural equality around the world. Yet often their accomplishments have remained unrecognized.

In Women Reshaping Human Rights, ordinary -- yet extraordinary -- individuals tell their stories. Readers will meet Vera Laska, who joined the Resistance against the Nazis in Czechoslovakia; Dai Qing, who fights the Communist Party's grip upon the government in the People's Republic of China; and Juana Beatrice Gutiérrez and the Mothers of east Los Angeles, who challenge drug dealers and toxic polluters threatening their neighborhood.

Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard provides a complete biography of every activist. The stage is thus set for each individual, who recounts real-life tales of courage that force us to ask what each of us must do in the fight for justice and dignity.

"A compelling account of the experience of extraordinary contemporary women who have reshaped national and international agendas . . . The human rights movement can only rejoice for having such defenders and teachers." — Elsa Stamatopoulou, Human Rights Lawyer, Center for Human Rights, United Nations.

"Bouvard uses the voices of courageous activists to tell a powerful story of the global struggle to expand human rights. A magnificent contribution to our understanding of how determined women can make the world accept universal ideals." —Robert Paster, Professor of Political Science at Emory University and Fellow at the Carter Center.