"Social Justice and the Power of Compassion looks at how a single person, or a small organization, working at the grassroots level can make great strides in helping the marginalized and disenfranchised. Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard weaves the personal stories of the founders and directors of organizations such as the Polaris Project, MADRE and the Harpswell Foundation to see how they have dealt with social problems of many kinds that have been invisible too long. From dealing with climate change to giving housing and medical care for the homeless, these people and their organizations have created models that have been replicated around the country and successfully brought widespread attention to these issues.

A compelling story of "earth angels" who found deep meaning in their lives,following the call of the spirit within and created remarkable organizations to compassionately serve others. A timely and inspiring antidote to the cynicism and hopelessness that pervade today's politics, press, and popular culture."
Florence George Graves, Founding Director,the Schusster Institute for Investigative Journalism and the Justice Law Project, Brandeis University

"Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard introduces us to a wide range of remarkable people whose actions change the lives of the marginalized and opporessed by helping them gain dignity and self-worth and reenter society as transformative agents of change."  —Emily Markides, University of Maine

"Social Justice and the Power of Compassion is a timely book that reveals how it is possible to help the marginalized and traumatized so that they can reenter society as productive citizens. It also demonstrates that a caring relationship with a physician is a form of healing."  —Isaac Schiff, MD, Joe Vincent Meigs Distinguished Professor of Gynecology, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

"This is an inspiring book, offering hope and vision. It is now about politics, but how one person and also an organization from women around the world, can mobilize women in impoverished regions to respond to what is now occuring on a massive scale." Laura Golden, professor of environmental studies, Brandeis University

"Social Justice and the Power of Compassion is the latest iteration of Bouvard's commitment to fighting injustices. Her portraits of passionate leaders of nonprofit ecological and social justice organizations will inspire."  —Shulamit Reinharz, Jacob Potofksy Professor of Sociology, Founding Director, Brandeis Unviversity Women's Studies Research Center