Mothers of Adult Children elucidates what happens when children come of age and leave home, creating new lives in the realm of work and relationships. Mothers from around the world learn that this is the point in which their relationships with their children drastically change. Mothers often come to terms with the changes by accepting differeence and providing emotional support when needed. However the evolutionary nature of mothers'roles throughout the course of their childrens's lives is not only determined by the mother-child dynamic. The mothering of adult children is a transformative role, and the stories presented here are also influenced by cutural events, accidents, disasters, was, and other hardships also intervene in theses stories of multicultural motherhood. This book reveals the problems mothers face and celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of those who mother through hardship. 

"In this compelling book, many mothers of adult children have contributed stories of advocacy for their children who are facing hardships; these forms of advocacy include protecting and offering them emotional support, caring for their families, and working in order to provide them with income. Coming from a multitude of economic and sociocultural background, the women chronicled in this book behave as heroines -- especialy when faced with situations that create tensions and ambivalence between mothers and their adult children." —Jenifer Coplon, Brandeis University

"In Mothers of Adult Children we are presented with women who mother despite, and with major challenges -- and in some cases, the challenges are horrific. In this compelling book testimonies of impoverished minority women reveal how low income and ethnicity play a role in mothering. We can be grateful that Bouvard has shared these honest stories to help us understand now mothering has developed in this postmodern world." —Shulamit Reinharz, Brandeis University