For millennia, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and even strangers have taken on the responsibility of mothering and responding to difficult events in children's lives. In many instances, their challenges and triumphs have gone unnoticed. Mothers in All but Name" calls attention to their important contributions, and also honors these "mothers" for their role in nurturing children and thus contributing to healthy families.

"This mesmerizing book is filled with surprising stories about the love between women and children. It reveals how biological mothers are at times replaced or supplemented by other women who bond with their children. Most of all, it is a book about love. Marguerite Bouvard has opened the door to a set of life experiences that were invisible until now. Everyone can benefit from walking through that door with her."  —Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D., Jacob Potofsky Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University.

"Mothers in All but Name, following in the tradition of Sara Ruddick's classic Maternal Thinking, demonstrates that the word mother is best understood as a verb, or practice, one that may be assumed by anyone — grandparents, aunts, sisters, 

friends, strangers, nannies — who is committed to the care of children. Divesting care of biology, Bouvard's study marks a radical rethinking and reframing of the meaning of motherhood for teh 21st century."  —Andrea O'Reilly, Founder and Director, Association for Research on Mothering