"This beautiful memoir reveals how a woman charted her own path from the time she was young, and pursued a career before the woman's movement, as well as dealing with the challenges of living with chronic illness. It celebrates her mother and grandmother who inspired her to think independently and work for human rights. This book is an inspiration and an example of a rich spiritual approach to her activism that marks every day of her extraordinary life."
Janet L. Freedman, Brandeis University

"The Memoir of a Rebel is my favorite kind of memoir. It holds your heart as you cheeer this brave protagonist navigating a world that is not supposed to belong to her. Her journey takes us through challenges s she struggles for higher education at a time that was uncommon for women. Her home life was guided by two generations of women who instilled in her the importance of confidence because it created "dignified bearing and unshakable confidence."
—Ethel Morgan Smith, the University of West Virginia