Marguerite Bouvard lives with illnesses that affect millions of woman, interstitial cystitis, and fibromyalgia. She addresses key issues such as the importance of speaking clearly to the broader society about illness, learning to deal with pain, and how to manage relations with physicians. The books has a strong spiritual dimension in revealing how the meditation and reflection she turned to because of her curtailed activities actually opened her up to a wider life. Thankful for small pleasures and grateful for what she has, Bouvard shows how true healing means not waiting for a cure, but maintaining a sense of possibility.

"In a society so uncomfortable with physical vulnerability, this book creates a social discourse for the dignity, hard work, grief and illumination of illness. it is done with exquisite sensitivity, rich prose and riveting thoughts. Must reading for friends and relatives of the sufferer; truly compulsory reading for the healthcare provider." —Isaac Schiff, M.D., Chief, Vincent Memorial Obstetrics and Gynecology, Massachusetts General Hospital.

"Marguerite Bouvard shows us how living with chronic illness can be a gateway into the soul. Her story touches our hearts and creates a place inside ourselves for true healing to begin."  —Rev. Dr. Samuel Oliver, What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons in Living.